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Blogging for Leads: The True ROI of Corporate Blogging

CareAnyware’s outbound marketing campaigns were bringing in solid leads, but the company’s marketing team thought they could do better.

Enter our writers, who consulted with CareAnyware in a strategic effort to maximize the value of the company’s blog.

Partnering with Up All Night allowed CareAnyware’s marketing team to pursue a comprehensive content marketing strategy alongside their larger-scale outbound marketing efforts. The newly relaunched “Home Care and Hospice Blog” immediately increased traffic to the company’s site and, two years later, continues to be a leading source of traffic generation for the sales team. Even better, the blog gave the company an opportunity to connect with key buyers who had heretofore been left out of the sales and marketing conversation, expanding the breadth of their communications without expending additional effort.

CareAnyware’s commitment to content marketing has been steadfast. Since its inception, the blog has developed into a hub for highly-relevant home health- and hospice-related content, positioning CareAnyware as a thought leader in the healthcare software market, and providing a valuable resource for the company’s current and future customers.