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6 Marketing Writers + 11 Advanced Degrees = Priceless

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Stephanie Kapera: BA English; MPA Public Administration

Jason Fitch: BA Journalism

Felicia Willems: BS Psychology; MPA Public Administration

Cortney Phillips: BA English; MFA Creative Writing

Eric Gregory: BA English; MFA Creative Writing

Alyssa Sorresso: BA Theatre Arts; MA Applied Drama

About Stephanie Kapera

Stephanie Kapera
Stephanie Kapera is the owner of Up All Night Creative, where she heads up an awesome team of consultants and content creators. Her clients include B2B software companies, marketing and advertising firms and government agencies.
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For more information about working with us, please contact Up All Night's CEO, Stephanie Kapera, at (919) 780-4799 or info@upallnightcreative.com.