They “Like” You, But So What?

The challenge: Our client, software provider CareAnyware, ran a campaign on Facebook aimed at increasing the number of “likes” they were getting. Now that it’s working, what do they do with all of the attention?

Explanation: In order to keep the attention of those 300 people, we need to produce new content specifically geared towards them.

What stage of the buying cycle are these new “likers” at? Very early, which means the content we write for them should reflect sales goals that come early in the cycle – – namely, getting new requests for demonstrations.

The goal of this batch of Facebook content should be to build trust with our new audience. The content needs to motivate them to take the next step: to book a demo with a member of the CA sales team.

We’ve got some thoughts on the issue, and we’ll get to hear CareAnyware’s thoughts on Friday. Check back soon for the next portion of this meta-case study.