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Nonprofit Web Design Project: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

Our nonprofit client ROC United asked us to address some design inconsistencies and outdated web copy on their organization’s website. We’re still very early on in the design process, but we were excited to show ROC our first complete page. When Meghana Reddy, ROC’s Marketing Specialist, saw our progress, she sent us this feedback via email: “Yes! I love it! This just made my day!”

Adults should be more like kids.

This kid is definitely onto something.

Up All Night's Raleigh office

Up All Night’s New Office!

We recently joined the HUB, a great new space in downtown Raleigh for entrepreneurs. We’re pretty excited to be a part of the HUB community, and to take advantage of the all-you-can-drink coffee and beer bar in the HUB’s Click Cafe.

They “Like” You, But So What?

The challenge: Our client ran a Facebook campaign aimed at increasing the number of “likes” they were getting. Now that it’s working, what do they do with all of the attention?

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