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We’re Hiring! Freelance Journalists With Great Interviewing Skills Wanted

Up All Night Creative is looking for writers with interviewing skills and an interest in customer experience and business intelligence.

Why Empathy is Good Business

Empathy and business aren’t often used in the same sentence. But what most companies don’t realize is how powerful empathy can be. In fact, a marriage between empathy and business has the potential to yield impressive results.

Embarrassing Writing Habits: Why I Have A “Writing Outfit”

Capote wrote lying down. Cheever wrote in his underwear. Once upon a time, I wrote in a blue fleece jumpsuit from Forever Lazy. Why do writers have embarrassing habits, and how do we get them?

2013 Survey: CMOs Stumped by Social Media Measurement and Integration

Digital media spend is on the rise, but marketing executives are struggling with basic questions like how to measure social media activity and how to organize content marketing workflows. I’ve got some suggestions and examples from brands like American Express and companies in the real estate sector. Read on to find out more.

Our Go-To Sources for Marketing Wisdom

If you’ve had it with the “5 Ways to Use Twitter to Engage Customers” types of posts, we’ve got your back. This is our handpicked list of the “best of the best” marketing blogs, organized into a Google Reader bundle so you can click one button to subscribe to them all. There might be some you know, but we think we’ve also uncovered some diamonds in the rough you’re not reading yet.

How to Ensure a Good Handoff of Leads from Marketing to Sales

The days when buyers entered the sales funnel primarily at the top are pretty much over. Now, companies need strategies to handle leads that jump into the funnel from multiple points. One of the best ways to manage that chaos is with the lead handoff process. With a strong handoff from marketing to sales, you can effectively plug up the leakiest places in your sales funnel.

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