Managing Social Media: A Sneak Peek Into Our Process

We’re all passionate users of social media, but we rely on our Social Media Director Jason Fitch to share on our behalf all over the social web.

Jay is the humorous voice behind Up All Night’s social media content. He posts to six different social platforms on a regular basis, and he hasn’t run out of ideas yet. Below, we take a look at how Jay executes our content strategy across multiple social platforms by sharing content that naturally suits each individual network.

Facebook is where Jay posts links to all sorts of articles. There are lots of content-related posts, but he also uses Facebook to feature some of his personal favorite things. (Hint: You will probably see a lot about “Breaking Bad.”)

Pinterest is where Jay curates infographics and collects his favorite marketing and PR-related blog posts. Stop by our Pinterest page to check out great artwork for the office, screenshots of website rebrands, and an excellent collection of someecards.

Twitter has become really fun ever since Mara Wilson (aka Matilda) favorited one of Jay’s tweets. Jay uses Twitter to post a lot of content-related news, but he also keeps it real by doing things like live-tweeting during Dodgers’ games and asking his favorite grocery store questions about its Facebook strategy.

What’s next for Jay? Tackling LinkedIn’s new facebook-style company page updates. We’ll write about his progress in a few months; follow our company page to watch his plan unfold!


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