When In Doubt, Ask a Thought Leader

Quorans are always trying to get to the bottom of things, and cognitive scientist Alexandra Pell is no exception. When she saw the newly-posed Quora question, “Why do children love stickers?“, she knew she’d have to take it to a bonafide expert.

Alexandra’s three-year-old daughter Persephone had long-ago established herself as the family’s leading scholar on all things sticker-related, and as someone who has benefited tremendously from Persephone’s deep understanding of stickers, I felt I’d be remiss if I didn’t share her wise words with all of you.

In response to “Why do children love stickers?”, Persephone had the following to say:

Read Quote of Alexandra Pell’s answer to Why do children love stickers? on Quora

Thanks, Persephone. That was one Quora answer I won’t soon forget.


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