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When In Doubt, Ask a Thought Leader

Everybody’s always talking about thought leaders, so we thought we’d put the spotlight on one we happen to really, really like. She knows a heck of a lot about a niche topic, and she’s not shy about sharing her expertise. I think we can all learn quite a lot from her. Read on to find out why.

“Cheese: It’s Milk…that You Chew”: Chandler’s Best Slogans

Remember that episode of “Friends” where Chandler decided he wanted to go into advertising?


The Buyer Persona Tool You’re Not Using Yet

The talented team at Kuno Creative invited Steph to guest blog about inbound marketing for them this month. Head over to Brand & Capture to read about how Up All Night uses Quora to research buyer personas, maintain a competitive advantage, and source ideas for new content!

Read “Leverage Quora for Inbound Marketing Campaigns: 3 Tips” at Brand & Capture


Web Design We Love: Survey of the States

A new website for the Council on Economic Education uses strategic design and storytelling to make its point.

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Marketers’ Parents Have No Clue What They Do All Day

If your friends think you’re a professional status updater, you might like this meme.

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